How To Pass Level 215 On Candy Crush

How to Pass Level 215 on Candy Crush

You’re here because you have been stuck at level 215 in Candy Crush. This guide will help you pass level 215 without having to search for a cheat or secret move. This level is the best part. You’ll learn a new trick every time you reach it. Just follow the tips below to complete the challenge and earn some bonus candy!

First, you’ll want to find a way to get to the bottom of the screen and match up the candies that you can. To get the most points, make sure you have at least four to five candies of the exact same type. Chain reactions can be used to gain more points. However, this strategy is not always successful. Try to think of different ways to complete each level and then implement them. You should remember that the game may not follow your suggestions so you need to create a plan that works.

When playing this level, try to look for special candies. This combination can be made with the Colour Bomb. You can use the Color Bomb candy in the middle of the board. Then, use the matching candies near the bottom to clear the entire board. This will create a chain reaction that will allow you to collect more candies. When you complete this combo, you’ll score more and clear more blocks!

Try to find a strategy that will allow you to reach the top of screen if you are stuck at level 215. Try to match at least three or six candies together, and you will be able to complete the level in the shortest amount of time. The goal here is to clear the honey in 40 moves, but try to match up a minimum of six candies at a time. To get help, you can also use King’s link. You can also share your tips with other players, but please don’t include spam or negative comments.

If you’re stuck at level 215, you can back out and not lose your life. The ‘Quit’ button is handy for this, as it will allow you to check your progress and make changes. A special candy can be created by combining four to five candies. Combinations can be very powerful. The more candies you match together, the more points you’ll earn. You can also use boosters to help you along. The coconut wheel is one booster that you can use before the level begins. It will produce 3 striped candies.

There’s a cheat that will allow you to cheat the 5 lives system in Candy Crush. If you keep multiple tabs open, the game will always give you five lives. Another way is to set the date forward one day. That way, you’ll always have a good amount of lives to use in the game. You can use the cheat as many times you want.

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