How To Pass Level 453 In Candy Crush

Candy Crush Level 453 – How to Pass Level 453 in Candy Crush

If you are wondering how to pass level 453, keep reading! Although this level is easy, you will need to use special candies in the correct combination. Two of the special candies you need in this level are striped candies and color bombs. The latter will transform regular candies into striped ones, which you’ll need to combine with striped candies in order to pass this level. This level has only five colors, so it is important to use color bombs and special candies.

To pass level 453, you must first know what type of candy you are supposed to use. This level determines what candy you can get. You should crush colored candies. There are also special candies, such as rainbow candies. These candy types are called’special candies’. You need to use specific candy colors in order to complete the level.

If you see a pink ribbon, it means you have been given extra moves. These are important to be taken care of before you run out of moves. If you feel there is a particular threat, move it into the column where the green Arrow is. You will be surprised at how many moves you’ll have left. There’s no need to worry, though, as there are some easy tricks that can help you beat this level!

You can also get lots of space to beat level 453 Using colored bombs and wrapped candies together can clear a lot of space on the board and help you reduce the board to one color. This way, you can get more points for your efforts! You can also use mystery candies to create even more candy combinations. This way, you can get more points and clear the board in less time.

Boosters are another way to beat level 453. If you want to boost your points, try to get a jelly fish or striped candies. These will help you gain more lives and earn higher scores. It is recommended that you keep your boosts and extra life for when you really need them. You can also use the coconut wheel booster that you can find before the level starts. This booster will create three striped candies at once.

A combination of color bombs and wrapped candies is essential to make special candies. Having a special candie that contains five colors will make the level easier to complete. To maximize their effect, combine them with other special candies. For a unique effect, you can combine two or three colors. This level has many special candies, so make sure to use your combinations!

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