How To Pass Level 92 On Candy Crush

How to Pass Level 92 on Candy Crush Saga

Now the question is: “How can I pass level 92 of Candy Crush Saga?” You must place your ingredients in specific locations if you want to beat this level. The striped candy, for example, is more beneficial to move under the blockage, allowing you to get ingredients and earn 30,000 points. You can also clear licorice with sprinkle candies or striped candy. Read on to learn more strategies.

If you are trying to pass the 92th level, you must use special candies that are near the ingredients you are attempting to break. Vertically striped candies are a great option. They can be placed next to other fruits to create a cluster of them. Combining striped and wrapped candies is a great way to break multiple liquorice blocks. This will allow you to break multiple crevices at the same time.

The most useful special candies are the ones with vertical stripes and striped and wrapped candies. These candies can also be used to block licorice at the bottom. In addition to this, there are several other tricks that will help you get past level 92 and beat the challenge. You can also use striped and wrapped candies to clear specific areas, like the striped and wrapped candy combo. These candies can be very useful to you in the level, so make sure to try them out.

Another useful tip for level 92 on Candy Crush Saga is to keep your ingredients on one part of the board. This will make it easier to clear licorice. You should also make note of your moves, because a colour bomb will cause horizontal candies to appear on the bottom two rows. After that, the game will end in a success. The key to pass this level is to combine two or more special candies in the right way.

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