How To Pass Mission 7 On Club Penguin

For the seventh Club Penguin mission, you will need to find a target on a clock tower. This is the final task you need to complete in order to earn the Blue Team Penant. Club Penguin codes will make this task much easier. There are other ways to quickly get to the target. You can use the Aqua Grabber to gather water from the sea, and then use it for securing a target in The Dock. To hit the target, you must also have the right strength.

You must also know what to do in order to make the robot reach the target. If you can’t do that, use a bamboo stick to pop a bubble. Click on the blue puffle and use it to look at the newspaper and aim at the clock target. You can also weld a key to open the box. However, if you have a robot that isn’t able to do this, you need to go back to the beginning and do it again.

You can also throw a snowball at a robot to complete the mission. This won’t work for the second mission. After you’ve done that, talk to Aunt Arctic and G to find out what the correct solution is. This mission will take you to the Clockwork Repairs facility. You can use the special code provided by the Gadget Room if you have trouble finding this item.

This mission is the seventh PSA/EPF Training mission. The mission will be easy to complete once you know what to do. Once you find the magnet in the lockers, you’ll need to find the PSA code in the bottom right corner. You’ll need to collect the life preserver, which is located in the dock. You can then pass this mission and continue on with your life. You will be awarded a third trophy.

There are 13 missions in Elite Penguin Force. Dot, the penguin behind a coffee counter, will be your first mission. You’ll also need gold medals for mini games and a flare to weld the robot wheels. After you have completed all these steps, you will be able to finish the final mission. Just remember that missions in Elite Penguin Force are random.

Mysterious Tremors is the eighth PSA mission. In this mission, you’ll need to collect a variety of items to help save the penguins. After collecting the items, you will be able to collect a barrel full of Cream Soda. You can also talk to Herbert P. Bear. Gary the Gadget Guy is the last mission. The propeller hat can be found on the coatrack just left of the G.

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