How To Play Johnny Test Theme Song On Guitar

If you want to learn how to play the Johnny Test theme song on guitar, you’ve come to the right place. The instructions below will be very helpful if you are a fan of this TV series. The series ran for five years on various networks, and is currently back on Netflix. Despite the change in network, the music is likely to remain the same. And while the weird sound effects and electric guitar are still a must, the series has become a staple of American television.

The theme song for the show is a classic that can be played on a guitar with some practice. The song starts off with a countdown and then flashes the word “Test”. When Johnny reaches the radioactivity sign, he jumps on it and flies to his parents’ lab, where he eats a radioactive chewing gum created by his sisters. He then uses his hurricane hands and makes a mess in the laboratory.

Johnny Test’s third theme song, Johnny Joyce, was used throughout the fifth- and sixth seasons. It is the show’s most popular theme song and was featured in episodes such as Johnny Goes Nuts/Johnny Daddy Day, and Johnny’s Last Chapter. It is easy to learn and shouldn’t take too much time. These basic chords will help you get the feeling for the music.

There are many other ways to play the Johnny Test theme song on guitar, including playing the songs on your favorite instrument. YouTube has guitar tabs. Download Johnny Guitar tabs and start playing the song. Just remember that you must follow the tabs carefully to avoid playing it incorrectly. You can use any of the three methods listed below to learn how to play Johnny Test theme song on guitar.

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