How To Play Little Black Dress On Guitar

How to Play Little Black Dress on Guitar

You’re here to learn how to play the little black dress on guitar. This iconic song by the Hollies has been played in numerous movies. You’ve probably heard it in many different movie soundtracks, including Remember the Titans. The song features a cool guitar riff that everyone will know. Some parts can be difficult to learn so slow down and take it easy to get the song right.

The basic riff is made up of a few chords, such as the A, D, and G. This song also uses the mute. The first two chords are held down by the pointer finger on the second string, while the third string is held down by the pinky and ring finger. The third chord can be played by muting the open 6th string using the ring finger. The next step is to shufflepick the 2nd frets of the 5th and fourth strings. The shuffle pick is now less rigid and more relaxed.

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