How To Pressure Test Pex Water Lines In New Construction

How to Pressure Test Water Lines in New Construction

You need to pressure test the water lines in new construction. This test can be done with a water pressure gauge. The water pressure gauge will measure the static water pressure and the water flow rate to detect any issues with the pipeline. Before you conduct this test, ensure that the water pressure is stable. The water pressure test should not take place if the pipes are filled up with water as this could cause them to burst.

To perform a pressure test using a pressure gauge, turn off the main shutoff valve and drain the water from the system. Screw the gauge to one faucet and connect it to the other. The gauge should be set to 60 PSI. Once the gauge is stationary, you can monitor the pressure in the pipe to ensure that it stays there. If the gauge moves in any way, call a professional plumber for a thorough inspection. In this way, you will be able to make sure that the new plumbing system has no leaks.

You should choose a high-quality PEX pipe to install a new water supply system. PEX is flexible and more versatile than other materials. PEX pipes can be wrapped around walls and floors, unlike steel and copper pipes. You can even use one pipe for both hot and cold water supply. PEX pipe is more resistant to freezing than copper.

To ensure that the pipe is free of leaks, a PEX pressure test should be performed. Copper water pipes are vulnerable to freezing and should only be installed if they have adequate insulation. Copper water pipes are more expensive than the PEX alternatives, and can be replaced at a cost of 58 to 68%. Therefore, it is vital to conduct a pressure test on all the PEX pipes in new construction.

Water quality is also important. Copper pipes can last between 50 and 70 years, while PEX pipes can last 30 to 50. PEX pipes can only last for a limited time if the water is extremely warm or contains high levels of chlorine. You should test your water quality before you install your water supply system. If you have an emergency, call your plumber to schedule a pressure testing and install a new water pressure regulator.

You should make sure that the PEX pipe is connected with a fitting for the pressure test. PEX has a special fitting known as a compression fitting. This involves attaching a brass bolt to the PEX tube’s end and fitting it with a fitting. Next, tighten the brass nuts. The brass fitting should be tightened enough to hold the plastic compression ring in place.

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