How to proceed with salary negotiations?

How to proceed with salary negotiations?

Salary negotiations are the fine art of maneuvering … Ten tips for salary negotiations Change your perspective. Try to say “you” instead of “me” as often as possible. Let him come. Whoever becomes specific first loses. Disguise. Use breaks. Establish agreement. Anticipate objections. Let it emerge. Get help.

When is the best time to ask about a raise?

Before you ask the question about salary, you should have been with the company for some time. HR experts agree that you should be there for at least 6 months before asking for a raise.

How Much Money When Raised?

Has taken on more responsibility in the company, according to experts, he can expect a 10 to 15 percent increase in salary. To be on the safe side, ask for a little more, as your boss will very likely negotiate you down. You should therefore start at 20 percent in order to secure your desired salary.

How often do you get a raise?

In labor law there are no fixed times for salary negotiations. This can be regulated differently in every company. There is therefore no entitlement to at least one salary increase per year. However, there are times when discussions about a raise is at least common.

How do I calculate a wage increase?

0.111 x 100 = 11.1%. This means that the new € 50,000 salary is roughly 111.1% of the previous € 45,000 salary. So you got an 11.1% increase. In the example with the hourly wage, you would also multiply the decimal number by 100: 0.143 x 100 = 14.3%.

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