How To Put A Protective Bubble Around You

How to Put a Protective Bubble Around You

Our mucous membranes protect us from bacteria and other microorganisms. The same protective sphere protects us from negative energy. Sometimes, we need a little boost in this area. Using techniques like meditation, you can fill your protective sphere with a sense of power, calmness, and safety. These techniques have been used for centuries by people from all religions and cultures. Now you can use them to enhance your own protective bubble, allowing your sense of self-worth to shine through.

Imagine yourself in a light bubble of white or golden light. Your intention should be pure. If you feel different colors, ask for them. You can also request specific colors. You can also request specific colors for your light. You can choose the colors you want, but be open-minded! You can include your loved ones and family in your protective bubble. Try this exercise today. You will feel more relaxed in no time.

After creating your bubble, you’ll want to fill it with symbols or slogans that are personal to you. Often, people use a religious symbol or a slogan. You can find the best way to discover what works for your needs by building a bubble every single day. Then, when you need to, simply remove it when you need to. The bubble will protect your from negative energies and give peace of mind.

You can protect yourself from negative thoughts by visualizing. It helps fill your cells with positive energy, which calms the mind and body. Likewise, it helps release pent-up emotions. Once you are surrounded by a bubble, you can let go of any pent-up emotions through your pores and release the negative energy in a positive way. So, when you have a stressful day, take a moment to relax and unwind in this bubble.

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