How To Put Camo On Guns In Advanced Warfare

How to Put Camo on Guns in Advanced Warfare

Advanced Warfare has a way to add camo to your guns. This cosmetic glitch is known as Warzone, and it allows you to equip any camo you want onto your weapon. This is a great way to get unique weapon appearances that are hard to come by without spending money. It does have its limitations and we’ll discuss them shortly. First, we’ll take a look at why you might want to use it.

There are many camo patterns available in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. You can choose Royalty Camo (gold overtoned with a red undertone) or other camo patterns. Different camo options can be applied to different weapons. Royalty Camo is applied to the AK12G weapon variant. If you want to use the Royalty Camo, you’ll need to get double kills, or two kills with a short amount of time in between. This may be easier on smaller maps.

Once you’ve acquired the new camo, you can equip it to your weapon. To equip a weapon with a different camo, double-click its icon on the lower left of the screen. The icon will become highlighted in green. To unlock the camo, you will need to level up your weapon. The level requirements vary between different categories, but all of them have their unique themes.

Gold and Platinum camo are relatively easy to obtain, while Damascus camo is more difficult to find. You must complete all camo challenges to earn Gold and Platinum camo. Usually, these challenges occur within the weapon class, so you must complete them all to unlock the camo. Then, you can choose between a range of camo options for your gun.

This hack has many other benefits than just gameplay. Besides being a fun and easy way to make your guns more attractive to other players, you can use it to boost your overall performance in games. If you want to get the most out of Modern Warfare, then applying weapon camo is an excellent way to achieve that. It will give you a distinct advantage in the battleground.

In addition to adding camo to your weapons, you can also change the color of your guns by completing challenges. The first challenge to unlock camo requires that you kill a certain number of enemies with your weapon. After completing these challenges, you will unlock Gold camo for each weapon. By using camo, you can improve your concealment and show off your personality. This is a great way for you to stand out from your foes and increase your chances of survival in battle.

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