How To Put In A Ready Made Hair Braid

How to Make a Ready Made Hair Braid

In order to create a neat, tidy braid, you should make sure to comb your hair. Dampened hair creates cleaner sections for braiding. To start a tight structured braid, start with a ponytail, secure with an elastic band, and twist the strands in a clockwise motion. Repeat the process on the opposite side. You can also use a hair tie. Then, take the other strand and cross it over the previous one.

Before you begin braiding your hair, stretch it. Blow-drying or using a paddle brush can help stretch the hair. When blow-drying, always use a heat protectant. Alternately, you can use heat to straighten your hair before braiding. After shampooing, separate your hair into buns. You can also air dry your hair.

Now, braid the two sides. You should have three sections: one on the back, one on top. Make sure that the braid is even and neat. After that, you can move on to the top of the braid. You should not lose any hair. Use your pointer fingers to move the hair to the side. If you have trouble finding the middle strand, use your index and thumb fingers to position it.

Once you have mastered the basic knot, you can begin to tie the ends of your threads. A bundle should contain several colors. You can add one color at a time, and then switch to the other when you get to about an inch or two down. Continue braiding until you reach the end. If you’re not satisfied with the look, you can add more string at the end, but be sure to cut the excess thread before you do so.

After you have tied your hair in a plait, secure it with a small elastic. To keep your hair from getting in the way, use a tail-comb or a cardboard protector to protect it. You can also use hair grips or hair clips to hold your braid.

Next, tie the 4 tie knot. This knot should wrap an inch down the braid and flow around it. Tie the knot in a circular motion, pulling gently. Continue to braid the hair until you have completed the whole thing. If you don’t want to use the elastic, you can use a hair gel instead. Then, you can repeat the process again. You can change colors after the first tie.

You will need small sections of hair to create a Dutch braid. One piece is one third of your hair, while the other is two-thirds. You will wrap the smaller piece around the larger one, forming three equal sections. Make sure to use a styling paste to keep your braid in place. Use a styling paste to keep your braids from slipping or falling out.

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