How to put quotes below on pc?

How to put quotes below on pc?

Word Shortcuts for Quotation Marks Single quotation mark below: [ALT] +0130. Single quote above: [ALT] +0145 as well [ALT] + 0146. Normal quote below: [ALT] + 0132. Normal quote above: [ALT] +0147 as well [ALT] +0148.

How to make single quotes in Word?

Now to insert single quotes, press the keys at the same time [Shift] + [#]. Word automatically knows whether a quotation mark is required above or below.

How to make guillemets in Word?

Windows: Insert guillemets using a keyboard shortcut Press [Alt] + [0171] to create the open parenthesis («). Press [Alt] + [0187] to create the closed bracket (»).

how to make quotes mac

You’re in the right place!…How to make special characters with the Mac.Special charactersDescriptionKey combination”dt. Quotation marks above alt + shift + ^‚single German quotation mark below alt + S’single German quotation mark above alt + # » French. Quotation marks on alt + shift + Q36 •

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