How to quote in English

How to quote in English

In English, the following quotation marks are used both at the beginning and at the end of a quotation: “…”. If you want to omit unimportant sections (e.g. subordinate clauses) of a statement when quoting, use two square brackets containing three dots: […].

How to cite multiple pages?

Quotation on two pages If the quoted passage is a quotation that extends over two pages, the page on which the quotation begins is indicated in the footnote. The page number is then followed by “f. ‘ for ‘and the following’: Brinkmann, K.: Roman history.

How do I cite multiple authors in the text?

If there are three or more authors, it is sufficient if you include the first author and the addition ‘et al. ‘ use. The abbreviation stands for the Latin et alii, which means ‘and others’. Depending on the guidelines of your university, all authors can be named at the first mention.

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