How to quote multiple sentences?

How to quote multiple sentences?

In the case of an indirect quotation, the footnote / short reference is placed directly after the context that is to be identified. If several sentences / a section of meaning are to be marked with a reference, the footnote symbol / the short reference is placed after the last sentence point of the section to be referred to.

What are the good internet sources?

Characteristics of a reputable internet source Is the author of the content on the website known or an expert in this field? References, imprint, image material and the operator of a website provide information about the author and the seriousness of the website.

Which sources are reputable?

Indicators of a trustworthy source are, for example, if you already know the name of the company / the website or if it comes from a well-known newspaper such as the New York Times.

Which online news are serious?

In principle, the paper editions of the major newspapers (for example, Zeit, Spiegel, FAZ, Süddeutsche, Der Tagesspiegel and Friday) are the most reliable sources that can be found. On television and radio, the public broadcasters are still the ones that report reliably.

Which newspaper is serious?

Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine are the front runners among German newspaper titles. A study by the University of Hamburg confirms that the papers are of the best journalistic quality. The German newspapers offer high quality journalism.

What’s the best news app?

Here you can find our top three in comparison. News Republic – The trendy one. News Republic is a news app for a younger audience that sorts current topics according to your personal preferences. Google News – The Global. Feedly – The tailor-made one. Conclusion – our test result.

Which news app is serious?

10 extraordinary news apps to stay informedBundle News (Android, iOS) Bundle News is clear and visually appealing. (Feedly (Android, iOS) Flipboard (Android, iOS) Google News & Weather (Android, iOS) Google Play Kiosk (Android, iOS) Inoreader (Android, iOS) News Republic (Android, iOS) Simply News (Android, iOS)

How serious is News Republic?

The app received a “very good” rating from the “Stiftung Thelentest” despite deductions from the B mark. News Republic is a news app with what is currently the most extensive range of news and obtains it from around 1,500 licensed sources.

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