How To Replace Ignition Coil On Club Car

How to Replace Ignition Coil on Club Car

Having trouble with the start-up of your club car? These are some steps to replace your ignition coil. First, remove the old coil from your car. If you have a multiple-plug ignition, mark the wires so that you can reconnect them to the correct terminals. You can use the same procedure to remove a single plug coil.

Once the flywheel magnet is removed, you can remove the bolts that hold the ignition coil in its place. Then, you should remove the fan shroud and oil filter to access the ignition coil. Next, remove the bolts that hold the fan shroud & LR tire. Ensure the muffler is removed from the engine. You can now reach the coil. It should be located close to the cylinder head.

A failed ignition coil can cause many different problems. It may lead to poor performance, Check Engine Light failure, misfires, rough idle, reduced fuel economy, increased emissions, and more. Defective ignition coils can also cause damage to the catalytic convertor. Raw fuel can damage metal alloys and cause the converter to overheat. It can also wash away oil from the piston rings and cylinder walls, which can accelerate wear.

Once you’ve identified the problem, you must replace the ignition coil. The cost of a replacement coil can vary from $264 to $376 depending on the manufacturer and model. Each engine cylinder has one coil. One coil is not affected by the other. Therefore, you can easily replace the faulty one. This task can take some time.

First, you need to unplug the electrical system. Next, disconnect the battery from your ignition. You can also remove the ignition coil if it is faulty. It’s important to keep a spare battery handy. You may also need to replace the sparkplug. This is an essential step in replacing your ignition coil. A malfunctioning ignition coil can cause serious problems. You need to check the wiring before attempting the replacement.

A new ignition coil is the next step in replacing the spark plug in your Club Car golf cart. A malfunctioning coil will prevent the engine from starting and may even cause the car to stall. Fortunately, most Club Car models come with replacement coils and keys. To replace the coil faster, you will need to use specially-designed pullers. You’ll also need to replace the spark plug and disconnect the ground wire. If you have an old Club Car model, you may have an RPM limiter that you need to disable. Fortunately, newer ones don’t have them.

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