How To Replace Toshiba Satellite L655 Keyboard

How to Replace Toshiba Satellite L655 Keyboard

You may need to replace your Toshiba Satellite L655 keyboard if it is damaged. This is a simple repair that can be done quickly, but you will need to carefully follow the instructions. For assistance, contact Toshiba customer service if you are unsure. They will be happy to assist you in replacing the keyboard. If you follow their instructions, Toshiba will send you a replacement keyboard.

To replace the Toshiba Satellite L655 keyboard, you’ll want to unscrew the bottom base and remove the battery. Unplug the AC adapter. The battery and keyboard are connected via a cable, so be sure to unplug the adapter before replacing the keyboard. The keyboard is now accessible. If the keyboard doesn’t have any screws, you can unscrew it by removing the screws in the base.

The next step is to insert the new key in the right direction. This is determined by how the small plastic feet on hinge point. The new key’s smoother side should always face upward, while the plastic feet should face downward. You can also use a thin object to stretch the plastic pieces. Once the new key has been installed, you can connect the keyboard to your laptop.

First, open the Control Panel. If the Control Panel is not visible, you can open it with Cortana. To locate Device Manager, you can click the large and small icons next to Control Panel. Expand the section Keyboards. After you have selected the keyboard, right click it and choose Uninstall device. Restart the Toshiba laptop to reinstall the device driver.

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