How To Reset Gmc Terrain Oil Light

How to Reset the GMC Terrain Oil Light

Are you having trouble understanding how to reset your GMC Terrain oil light? These are some tips to help you get on the right path. The oil life indicator is a simple indicator that will tell you when oil service is required. The light will turn red when it is time for oil change. To reset the light, place your vehicle in park and turn on the ignition. To restart the process, press the “Reset Oil Life” button once the vehicle is in this position.

You can also find the reset oil life light instructions in the owner’s manual of your GMC Terrain. These instructions are applicable to both the first and second generation of the vehicle as well as the 2010-2020 model years. To access the first Terrain generation, push the MENU button. Next, press the SET key to see the message “Oil change required.”

After pressing the ‘Reset Oil Life” button, the oil indicator will flash. Press the ‘Reset’ button again after a few seconds, and you will see that the oil life indicator is gone. Until the next time you change your oil, this will be your only oil maintenance reminder. The next time you see the oil life indicator, you can follow the same steps to reset the oil light.

Once you have clicked on the SET/RESET button successfully, you can now click the ‘Run” button. Hold this button for 5 seconds, and the oil life indicator will go back to 100%. Some models will display the message “Oil Life Reset” once more. To confirm that the reset has succeeded, you must restart the vehicle. If the message does not come on after a few minutes, it could be a problem in the oil life system. If this happens, press ‘Reset Oil Life’ once more. Or turn the ignition OFF, then turn it back on RUN to start the vehicle.

Press the accelerator pedal three times within five seconds. This will reset the oil life system. This is a simple method that can save you money over the long-term. Be sure to turn off the ignition before you start this process. If that doesn’t work, you need to change your oil. If you want to get rid of this annoying oil life warning, you should try the tips listed above.

To reset the oil life indicator in the GMC Terrain, you should first start by going into the vehicle’s DIC menu. Select ‘OIL LIFE’ from there and then press ‘Yes. This will reset the oil life indicator. The message will change to “RESET Oil LIFE” and then read “100% Oil Life”. After the restart, the oil life indicator will return to normal.

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