How To Rig A Boston Big Game Kite

How to Rig a Boston Big Game Kite

If you want to catch large baitfish like tuna, you should know how to rig a Boston Big Game Kite correctly. The kite comes with a windsock below the kite unit, which provides moderate resistance. In calm conditions, you can use a balloon instead of helium to float the kite. For fishing in the ocean, the Boston Big Game Kite is the best choice. This fishing kite is very stable and will help you cast your lures higher into the water.

Measure the length of the line required to properly rig your kite. Make sure to leave a quarter of an inch of space below the spool to clear the swivels. Then, connect the cut off end of the main line to the barrel swivel. The barrel swivel should be large enough to prevent the second clip from sliding back over the first.

Another important tip is to use a high-quality sonar to find schools of atlantic mackerel. A good sonar system is important for finding mackerel schools in 50 to 80 feet of water. Make sure you use high-quality line weight when rigging your kite. The fish will not be able to grab the line if it is too loose. Then, if you’ve got a strong wind, the fish will jump and take your lure.

While kites can be difficult to rig, they are not hard to fly. A novice west coast fisherman can get a Boston Big Game kite up in the air in under ten minutes. AFTCO kites can be attached to a 48 inch balloon and used as a fishing tool. These kites allow you to troll with either live bait or delicious bait. You can attach a balloon with a helium tank purchased at a party shop to regular kites.

A braided line may be appropriate depending on the wind speed. This will keep the kite high even in light winds. You can also use a dropper line to help reduce the angle of the main line. To extend the life of your live bait, braid it with a braided rope. An electric reel can be purchased for your kite to reel in live baits if you are unsure of the wind strength.

Another tip for rigging a Boston Big Game Kite is to keep the leader and bait out of the water. Once a fish takes the bait, free-spool your line until it is fully engulfed. Afterward, use the release clip to drop the slack line into the water. The lure will be followed by the fish, who will continue swimming towards your boat. You should keep reeling until it runs off the line.

A fishing license with ocean enhancement validation is required if you plan to rig a Boston Big Game Fishing Club Kite. A fishing license is required for kite fishing in California. Bluefin tuna typically show up in the sea around June and peak from August to October. Remember that the Boston Big Game Fishing Club Kite can be a large piece of kite equipment so make sure you are properly prepared before you go out on the water.

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