How To Root A Samsung Sm J120a

How to Root a Samsung SM-J120A Galaxy Amp 2

Rooting a Samsung SM-J120A is relatively easy. Download the files from the internet to install them on your phone. Oding can then be used to root your phone. After the process is completed, you can turn your phone on. To do this, simultaneously hold down the volume and power keys. This will turn the phone into download mode. You will then have to perform a few other steps.

Rooting will wipe all data from your phone. Make sure you back up all important files before you start. In addition, you should ensure that your battery is charged at least 50% before you begin the procedure. Also, ensure that the OEM LOCK option is enabled in your device’s Developer settings. You should ignore this option if you don’t see it. Next, you need to open Odin in the auto-root pack directory. Once you have installed the auto-root package, you can use Odin to root your SAMSUNG J120A Galaxy Amp 2 smartphone.

Next, download TWRP.tar via the download link. Open Odin on your computer and flash the TWRP.tar file. To perform this procedure, you must have the latest version of Android. If you do not have Odin on your PC, you can download the latest version of Odin from the official Samsung website. You will need the latest version Android SDK Tools.

The Magisk manager APK can also be downloaded from the Android Market. It will allow you to check if your device is systemless or not by installing the app. It will allow you to delete or install unnecessary modules. This will improve the performance of your device as well as make it compatible with Android devices. After you’re done with the process, you can reboot your device.

Once you have done this, you can begin rooting your Samsung SMJ120A. You will need the device’s Bootloader Key to do this. The manufacturer’s website will have the key. Before you begin this process, make sure that you enable USB Debugging or OEM Unlocking. If you are having trouble rooting your Samsung SM-J120A, you can use the steps below to help you root it.

Before proceeding, make sure you charge your phone to 50% so that it will be charged throughout the process. Also, make sure that you enable OEM Unlocking and USB debugging in the developer options of your phone. Use the original data cable to connect your phone to a computer. Uninstall Samsung Kies from your phone. Before installing KingRoot, make sure to disable any firewall or antivirus.

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