How To Root Galaxy S4 At&t

How to Root AT&T Galaxy S4 on Android Jelly Bean 4.3

First, make sure your AT&T Galaxy S4 is connected to your computer via USB Debugging. Next, take out the battery and then put it back in about three to four seconds. Repeat these steps until you can successfully root your phone. You may experience extreme lag after you complete this procedure. Towel root can be used to solve this problem.

Download and install Root Checker from the Google Play Store to verify that your device is rooted. This application will verify that your AT&T Galaxy S4 is rooted. It will also store a flash counter. If it isn’t, you can press the triangle away key and clear it to zero. Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can install TWRP.

The next step is to enter the Download Mode of your AT&T Galaxy S4. To do this, simultaneously hold the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons and then release them. Then, connect your device with your computer using the original USB cable. The CWM Recovery file will then need to be downloaded. Make sure to check the Auto Reboot option. When you’ve done these steps, your AT&T Galaxy S4 will be ready to root.

To confirm that your AT&T Galaxy S4 has been rooted successfully, install the Root Checker app from Google Play. Once you have it installed, connect the phone to your computer with a USB cord or SD card. Once the installation is complete reboot your phone to confirm that root access has been granted. You can now continue with the process of rooting. This is a safe process, but make sure to back up all your personal data!

Rooting your AT&T Galaxy S4 will void your warranty. You should not use this method if you’ve ever bricked your device. Make sure you understand what you are doing and follow the instructions. If you use the wrong firmware, you may be bricked! Don’t try it unless you’re sure you’re doing it properly. It can cause damage to your phone or malfunction if you don’t do the job correctly.

Before rooting your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I3337, turn on download mode on your phone and connect it to your PC through USB. You’ll notice that the COM section will change to yellow or blue. Next, locate the firmware file and then click OK. Once the firmware update is complete, your phone will reboot and you can begin rooting it. If your phone doesn’t display a notification, it is likely not rooted.

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4 is easy if you’re a Samsung Galaxy S4 user. One Click Root is a program that will allow you to unlock the core files on your device. It only takes a few moments to install, and you’ll be ready for your new freedom.

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