How To Solve Mission 11 On Club Penguin

If you’re struggling to figure out how to solve mission 11 on club penguin, fear not. There are many tips to help you complete the game. Continue reading to learn the best ways to finish this challenging game. You’ll need a few items to complete this task. These items can be found in the Gadget Room of the game. First, you need to get an ice block and a glass lens to fix a faulty beacon.

Once you have all the items you need, it’s time for the mission. You will need to unplug Herbert’s computer. Next, go to the Penguin Secret Agent Head Quarters. Use the club penguin map to locate PSA Headquarters. Once you reach there, you’ll be greeted by Herbert. After you solve this mission, you’ll receive the reward! It’s very easy to complete.

Before you start solving this PSA mission, you’ll need to talk to Gary, Rookie, and the Spy Phone. Herbert is a villain in the game and is vegetarian! So, make sure you read his message carefully and make the right choice. Then, you’ll find a new spy and save Club Penguin! There are a few different methods to solve Mission 11, and all of them are completely different!

The video guide is divided into two parts: a written guide, and a walkthrough. The written guide includes information about G, Rookie and the Transporter. It also shows how to find a broken Transporter. The video includes the disc underneath the piano. This mission has a few different solutions, so it’s best to check out the walkthrough before starting the game.

Another way to solve mission 11 on club penguin is to talk to Dot. She’ll be the one to talk to in this mission. You’ll also need gold medals for the mini games. Talking to Dot can be a quick and simple way to solve the mission. Talking to a blue penguin is another easy way to get a flare for weld a robot wheel.

The next way to solve mission 11 on club penguin involves collecting items. The brown dancing penguin needs a belt and fur sample. A board of pins is also necessary for the brown dancing penguin. A spy phone will provide her with the information she needs in order to obtain the camera. Next, she will need to locate a mine shack. Once she has located the mine shack, she will have a letter to her.

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