How To Stack Golf Balls In A Pyramid

How to Stack Golf Balls in a Pyramid

To practice on the driving range, a golfer can stack his balls in a pyramid. Stacker pyramids are available in different sizes and can accommodate up to 55 balls. Each layer will contain one or two balls. This allows you to practice in a structured manner. Players can place their wedges on one layer and their 8 and 9 irons the other.

Stacking your golf balls in a pyramid will make your range look more organized and neat. To stack the balls, you will need a tray with ridges or dimples. You can choose from metal or plastic trays depending on your preference. The trays should be made of sturdy material to support the balls.

The newest version of the pyramid will reduce the chance of clogging and allow you to see how the balls stack inside. These new versions also have an internal access for adjusting the ball positions. A triangular device is also possible. This design will reduce manufacturing costs by reducing the number dimples and ridges required for proper positioning.

The invention will also help you collect balls in an organized manner. When the balls are stacked on the tray, they will be closer to each other. This makes it easier to find them. The smooth surface will make it easier to find the balls you need. In addition to being useful, it will allow you to sort golf balls by size. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

The throat must be large enough to allow the balls to pass through it easily. The throat should be approximately two inches wider than the balls. A larger throat opening is acceptable. Just make sure that the throat opening is centered over the apex of the ball pyramid.

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