How To Start A Keg Business In Kenya

You’ve come to right place if you are interested in starting a keg company. Kenya has a high alcohol consumption rate. Keg business in Kenya is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a lucrative business venture. However, there are some important things you should know before starting your business. First, you must obtain all the required permits and licenses from the government. Kegs are not cheap and you will need to invest a lot of money to set up the business in Kenya. You may also need a highly decorated place to start the business.

After you’ve gathered all of the information you need to start your keg business, you need to advertise it. Social media is the best way to advertise. Instagram and WhatsApp are great places to advertise. Also, you should set your prices according to the quality of the kegs that you are selling. You want to keep your prices reasonable so people will be tempted to purchase your kegs.

You should also acquire a MSCK license from the National Environment Management Authority. This license is required to sell alcohol. You will also need to purchase sound equipment and furniture for your customers. The license is approximately Ksh 2200. You should also get business permits and insurance. Make sure you market your keg business online.

It takes a lot of planning and hard work to set up a bar in Kenya. You should first determine how much capital you have before you open a bar in Kenya. An average bar will cost around Ksh 500,000 while a big bar can cost up to two million. The next step after you have chosen the location is to apply for a license from NEMA.

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