How to start a letter of motivation?

How to start a letter of motivation?

In the middle part of the letter of motivation, you start by explaining your motivation in relation to the requirement of the position. Emphasize your strengths and experiences, convince the recruiter that he absolutely must get to know you personally, but without coming across as arrogant.

How can a letter of motivation look like?

Checklist for a letter of motivation The letter of motivation should be clearly distinguishable from the cover letter. It comprises a maximum of one DIN A4 page. The design is adapted to the other documents. A common thread and good examples and arguments are important. The letter of motivation is individual and personal.

How important is it to study?

A degree has many advantages for your later career entry. A degree can therefore be important for your future career, especially for certain professional groups. Ultimately, however, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not to study.

What do you do when you study?

A course of study consists, among other things, of attending lectures, supplemented by exercises (sometimes also field exercises), tutorials, seminars, revision courses, colloquia, internships and self-study.

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