How To Start Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace

Atwood Hydro Flame furnaces have many uses, such as heating water for your RV. They can also be used to heat your RV on cold winter days. Two types of electrodes are used in the furnace. The two wires that go to each one are the temperature sensors. The furnace will light when the temperature sensor signals it is time to heat. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can choose to heat water using the furnace’s water heating fixtures.

The ignition lockout fault occurs when the gas solonoid or fan fails to fire. Install a 3/4-inch spacer between the thermostat and exterior walls if it is mounted on exterior walls. Lastly, the furnace should not be started while in motion. During the combustion of oil-containing fuel, smoke may be released. The furnace will not attempt to light the burner without sufficient airflow. If the furnace does not light, it will shut down the blower and stay off until the thermostat is reset.

Regardless of the type of fuel-powered RV furnace you purchase, you must determine the BTU of the unit to determine how much heat you’ll need. Higher BTU values will result in higher fuel consumption and more power to heat your RV. Atwood manufactures several models that fit RVs of all types, including RV-specific versions. The resulting energy efficiency and fuel efficiency makes Atwood the best choice for your RV. They’re great for camping and offer many benefits.

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