How To Stop A Deadbolt From Turning

How to Stop a Deadbolt From Turning

There are a few things you can do to fix a deadbolt that isn’t turning. The first step is to make sure your deadbolt is properly lubricated. Lubrication can help clear jammed locks caused by buildup. If this isn’t enough, you can clean out the lock and use graphite spray to fix it.

Another option is to try tapping the deadbolt mechanism. It will turn it back, but it will cause damage to the key. It is possible for the metal keeper plate to become jammed, which can cause the deadbolt lock to remain unlocked. This poses a safety risk. Other options include cleaning the deadbolt mechanism.

If the deadbolt is on the outside of the door, the deadbolt may become frozen during the cold winter months. You can prevent this by using a warm key to unlock the deadbolt. If this doesn’t work, you can try spraying it with WD-40, a lubricant that can be applied to door locks. Then, make sure to remove any blockages before attempting to turn the deadbolt.

Alternatively, you can reinforce the door jamb with a heavy-duty strike plate and extra-long screws. It is possible that your deadbolt has been reinforced if it was installed in the last ten year. If it wasn’t reinforced, you can replace it with a heavier strike plate that requires three inches of screws.

You can also use a crowbar or pry tool to open the door. You can also extend your deadbolt by 1 inch. It will stop prying tools turning it, which will increase your home’s security. You might even consider replacing the deadbolt entirely.

A double-sided bolt can be purchased that includes a thumbturn if the deadbolt has one. This lock offers the best of both worlds. This lock will allow you to unlock the door from inside but not from the outside. This type of bolt works well for large windows.

A double-cylinder deadbolt is another security feature. These locks have a key slot on the outside and an interior key slot. While this provides maximum security, it does pose a fire hazard. During an emergency, it is crucial to avoid using this type of lock.

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