How To Stop A Rifle Scope From Moving

How to Stop a Rifle Scope From Moving

If you want to prevent your rifle scope from shifting, you can fix the problem by applying some adhesive to the scope. Sticky mail cards or nail polish can be used to stop the scope moving. However, these methods aren’t very effective for modern gunsights. Fortunately, there are many other options.

First, make sure that the reticle is aligned with the muzzle. A wrong alignment can affect your calculated drop and affect your zero consistency over distance. If that fails, you can use a magnetic bubble level to level the rifle or a gun vice. You can also place sandbags under the rifle to level it. Once the rifle is level, you can use a plumbbob to verify that the reticle aligns with it. Next, tighten the scope’s screws until they are 18 inches long.

Another simple solution is to use a scope stop. These devices attach to the mount at different points and can prevent the gunsight moving during shooting. While manufacturers often recommend a particular method for attaching the scope stop to the mount, there are other options. If you have other ideas, please let us know.

While your head is still in position and looking through a scope, you can adjust the elevation or windage turbine. After using the turrets, be sure to return the caps. This step will depend on the scope you have. It will affect how far you are able to adjust the reticle.

Another possible problem is that the scope rings are too loose. This may be causing the scope to move forward when you shoot. This setting can be changed to fix the problem. If you are unhappy with your current scope, you can buy a new scope. It is worth the extra effort to ensure it remains in a stable position.

You need to ensure that your reticle is in the same place every time you fire a shot if you want to shoot accurately. Parallax can be eliminated by using a reticle that is aligned properly with the target. This will also reduce the chance of a misfire.

To prevent the scope from sliding around, you should mount the rifle scope on the gun with the appropriate rings. Next, tighten the rings using a torque wrench. To avoid any tiny gaps, be sure to do this slowly and even. After mounting the scope, ensure that it is secure and comfortable to use.

A plumb bob is another way to stop the scope from moving. This is a long string with a weight at one end. This will level the scope and stop it from creeping. You can adjust the riflescope’s elevation without affecting your shot group.

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