How to take small dogs safely in the car?

Carrying a dog in the trunk of a car is easy and uncomplicated, but not the best method if you would like your four-legged friend to be a little closer to you. Puppies should also be taken into the car a little closer to their masters/mistresses at first. The following methods have worked for our Cockapoo (weight approx. 7 kg, shoulder height 38 cm)

(Small) dog with harness and seatbelt on the back seat

You need: A dog car seat belt and a chest harness. The harness should fit snugly and securely. We do not recommend just a collar: Emergency braking can lead to serious injuries! The length of the dog harness is best adjusted so that the dog can reach the front end of the back seat at most.

In the footwell of the passenger without a seat belt

The footwell on the passenger side is a relatively safe environment for the dog in almost all cars. He does not come to the driver and he is not thrown around in the event of sharp braking or steering maneuvers, as long as there is not a large foot space such as in a van. A co-driver should of course be there and make sure that the dog stays in the footwell!


Dog on the back seat with a seat belt and harness

Rather unfavorable on the passenger seat or lap of the passenger!

If the dog absolutely has to sit on the passenger seat, it should definitely be with a dog belt and harness. From our point of view, the most dangerous situation is an unbelted dog (on the back seat) or on the lap of the passenger. In the event of emergency braking, it can hit the dashboard directly, and if the airbag is triggered, it can also be very dangerous for the animal and the passenger.

Of course, these tips apply above all to small dogs!

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