How To Teach Lesson To 498a Wife

How to Teach Lesson to 498a Wife

The 498a case against a woman starts with a quarrel in the day-to-day life of the couple. This quarrel gets aggravated and parents from both sides get involved. This leads to the disappearance of “respect” between husband and wife. Usually, the family of the guy makes threats of divorce, while the family of the girl starts thinking about the 498A when the woman is provoked. Eventually, the quarrel becomes huge and is over money, property, and ego. When this situation gets out of hand, the girl’s family files a police complaint.

The High Court has observed that the Anti Dowry Law is being misused in this situation. The judge has set a date for the marriage recociliation cell to resolve the matter. However, the cell cannot reconcile the parties. This case is under vacation now, but will be resumed on Feb. 21.

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