How To Tell If Coach Boots Are Real

How to Tell If Coach Boots Are Real

The first way to tell if a pair of Coach boots is real is to check for the label. This label will contain the brand name and the size and style number of the shoe. It will also indicate where it was made. If the label does not exist, you can try to authenticate the boots by visiting online Coach enthusiast forums.

A pair of real Coach boots will have a well-made and sturdy hardware. Any shoe that appears to be made of cheap materials is a fake. It may even have excess glue on its base. Likewise, the label should be clearly written, with even spacing and alignment of text.

Another way to tell if Coach shoes are real is by checking the stitching. A genuine pair will be stitched together, whereas a fake pair will have glued seams. If the treads of the boot look crooked or have holes, it is a fake. To be sure, you should take the shoes to an official Coach store.

The creed patch also contains the style number. This is often found on the inside of a Coach bag. Sometimes, the creed patch contains special information about the style, such as the materials used or the style name. Earlier versions of the creed patch were stamped into the leather.

The creed of a Coach bag is another sign that it is a genuine Coach item. This small white tag is attached to each bag. Coach purses and handbags are expensive, so any sale that does not include the creed should raise a red flag.

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