How To Test A Fire Alarm Call Point

How to Test a Fire Alarm Call Point

It is necessary to know how to test a fire alarm call point if you wish to install one at home or in a business. The process will vary, depending on the type of system you have installed. The first step is to insert a test key into the bottom of the panel. Rotate the key counter-clockwise until it turns green. Next, push upwards to reset the fire alarm point.

It is a good idea to test a manual call point weekly as part of a fire alarm maintenance process. This will help to ensure that the system works properly. It is also a good idea to have an accredited fire alarm maintenance provider come out and check the system once every six months or so.

It is advisable to use a different manual call point for each weekly test. This way, all manual call points in the building are tested at least once. There is no maximum number of weekly tests, but if you have 150 manual call points, you should test them every 150 weeks. The results of these weekly tests should be recorded in a system log book.

Testing the fire alarm call point is a legal obligation and must be conducted at least once a week. The test should be carried out by a qualified specialist who has been approved by the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS). You should also record all testing and repairs in a fire alarm logbook. This logbook should be kept close to the fire control panel and should be available for inspection by the fire safety services team. Ideally, the fire alarm logbook should meet the requirements of BS5839 part one and RRFSO.

You should also remember to install fire alarm call points near door controls and doors. Make sure that this feature is clearly signposted. Lastly, make sure that the call points are connected to the alarm receiving centre. You should ensure that robust arrangements are in place to take the fire alarm system off-line if the system is not functioning.

Manual call points, also called break-glass call points, allow a person to raise an alarm if there is a fire. Generally, manual call points are located near exit doors. They should be visible and at least 1.4 m from the floor. However, they can be smaller if they are wheelchair-accessible. It is also important that occupants of a building do not have to travel more than 45 metres to reach the nearest call point. This is especially important if the call point is located near equipment or high hazard areas.

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