How to throw the ultimate kids sleepover

Sleepover parties can be great fun, but preparation, potential homesickness, and a house full of boisterous kids can be stressful for both parents and children. So that the slumber party is still an unforgettable experience for your offspring, simply observe the following tips & ideas for party planning:

1. Determine the number of guests

Of course, children can also have a great party for two, but usually more friends are invited. After all, such a nightly party doesn’t take place every day! Too many children, however, can become overwhelming for the hosts and cause them to feel different Overwhelmed feel. So think carefully about the maximum number of children you can get along with and only let your child invite so many friends.

Contact the parents of each little guest for a list of food allergies, medications, behavioral warnings, and emergency phone numbers.

2. What is the theme of the overnight party?

Many children throw a slumber party for their birthday – others occasionally because they want to invite their friends. A motto, according to which the party is based, makes children’s hearts beat faster – and also gives the overnight party a certain structure. I hardly know a child who doesn’t like to dress up, so keep your costume stock ready! Here are some fun themed examples for the kids to try:

  • Past times, e.g. B. from the 80s, 70s or 60s
  • Disney party
  • Bad button party
  • Dress up like kids’ idols
  • or just wear pajamas – it’s a pajama party 😉

3. Communicate rules

You will certainly not make yourself popular, but as an adult you are responsible for your child and their party guests, no matter how “big” they feel …

As soon as the guests arrive, you discuss them all with them House rules and make it clear to them that they have to adhere to it. The rules include For example, which rooms are taboo, whether and when the television can be switched on, whether the children can simply help themselves to the refrigerator or that they have to inform you when they want to leave the house.

Even so, you shouldn’t be too strict. After all, the kids only party for one night and want to have fun.

4. Are there enough places to sleep?

Even if it seems to you that the children never get tired: at some point they will have to go to sleep. If you only invite one or two friends, the children can simply sleep in the same bed. A pull-out cot, ideally made of natural wood, is even more comfortable. Because here is a second guest bed including a mattress under the existing cot. If necessary, it can simply be pulled out from under the cot. It disappears just as quickly when the guest goes home.

Accommodation is more problematic when many children are visiting, especially if their demands are high: I once announced to my daughter’s guests that they should just sleep on sleeping mats that I had already prepared for them – perfectly. Unfortunately that was not well received at all! (Okay, I have to admit that I couldn’t sleep on a sleeping mat myself either.) Then I had to organize two real mattresses.

So that it looks inviting and right comfortable you should equip the sleeping places with cozy blankets and pillows or sleeping bags.

5. Prepare food

Anyone who romps around a lot sooner or later gets very hungry. You should be prepared for this. Hot dogs and hamburgers are popular with many children and can be prepared quite quickly. A classic at overnight parties is Pizzawhich is mostly ordered and delivered. Of course, you can also have other dishes delivered, depending on the tastes of the younger guests. So there is no work at all.

Snacks should of course not be missing. For example, you can offer the children juice spritzers and chips or other salty pastries. Healthy alternatives like vegetable sticks that you dip in tasty dips are also popular.

If the children want to watch a movie together, they are allowed Popcorn not missing. I would forego other sweets or caffeinated drinks in order not to delay going to bed too much …

6. Games & Activities

pexels bekir celik 10190130
What fun !: Night hike with flashlights, photo by Bekir Çelik from Pexels

Now it’s time to burn off some of the energy that the children have just refueled. So turn up the music and dance! In order to get those who are grumpy about exercise off the couch, the children can use one Dance competition organize. The children usually know better than mum or dad what rules this follows.

Typical games at an overnight party are truth or Dare or shadow games with the flashlight. Of course, horror stories should not be missing. One Night hike would be the cherry on the icing for sure.

If the children are a bit older, they are probably already satisfied if they can just talk and laugh undisturbed. For teenagers, a dream comes true when they do storm free to have. So maybe you and your husband just invite yourself over to the neighbors …

If the kids occupy themselves and are relaxed and have fun, you don’t need to come up with suggestions for games and activities. Just let the kids have fun!

7. Resolve conflicts

It is completely normal for children to quarrel every now and then. Therefore, you should be prepared for any conflicts … Nevertheless, you can trust the kids that they are quite capable of resolving their conflicts on their own.

Younger children in particular, up to the age of eight, often end a conflict by simply stopping arguing. “Just stop. You get on well and are friends again, ”is the pragmatic solution proposed by eight-year-old Sven. And for Stephan, five years old, the matter is also clear: “Quite simply: I say: ‘Do we want to get along again?’, Then we get along and play again.”

Nonetheless, you can keep an eye out for tension. If you find that guests are starting to argue, you can change the subject to avoid conflict. You hardly need to worry about supposed outsiders: sooner or later they will integrate themselves back into the group. After all, it’s not fun to be alone in the long run.

8. Bedtime

So far I’ve been lucky enough that the party guests withdrew into the children’s room by themselves and laid them on their mattresses as soon as they got tired. But children are different and some need a little more attention:

First of all, you should create a calm and relaxed atmosphere by turning off the TV and dimming the lights. A radio play can help you fall asleep – also if you read a story to the children yourself.

Be prepared to hear a few more conversations and whispers after you have gone to bed, after all, conversations at night are what make an overnight party so appealing!

Let the children know that you are there for them should someone feel homesick, uncomfortable, or have a nightmare.

LG Anne !!!

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