How To Tie Dye A Watermelon Shirt

You can learn how to tie dye a watermelon dress in a few easy steps. First, soak the shirt with a soda ash solution. Next, you need to wring the fabric out of the solution. Then, tie the item and wait for the color to develop. The longer the curing time, the brighter the color will be. After the shirt is dyed, you can wash it in cold or hot water with Synthrapol. Once it has dried, you can wear it again.

Then, it’s time to tie dye the shirt. Watermelon is a summer fruit, and it’s a fun tie dye craft that the whole family can enjoy together. It’s easy to make and look stunning! For kids, the watermelon tie dye backpack can be a great outdoor activity. To fasten the pieces together, you can use two rubber bands. Do not worry if the middle is too large. It’ll look great when the tie dye is dry!

After you have dyed your watermelon shirt, you can add the watermelon seed to it. This can be done by using a black fabric marker. Then, wait 24 hours before washing it to prevent muddying the dye. To avoid further damage, wear gloves when you work with the dyes. Rubber gloves are recommended for watermelon dye work. This will keep the colours separate and prevent accidental muddying.

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