How To Tighten Handlebars On Ultra Classic

How to Tighten Handlebars on Ultra Classic

If your ultra classic’s handlebars are loose, a quick fix is to adjust the sweep. Sweep is the angle the bars are set relative to the stem. You can adjust it by loosening or tightening the bolts on the faceplate of the stem. The center markings on the handlebars should line up with the edges of the face plate of the stem.

To loosen the bolts on your handlebar clamps, remove the cover by pushing a button underneath. This will reveal the bolts holding the lower handlebar clamps. Once loosening the bolts, you can move the handlebars, but they will be difficult to move. This is because of the ridges on the handlebars that dig into the clamp and prevent them from moving freely. If you notice any resistance when moving the handlebars, try jerking on them to smooth out the inside curve of the clamp.

Another important aspect of handlebar ergonomics is the position of the hands. If they aren’t correctly positioned, you may suffer back pain and wrist pain while riding. You can improve your ergonomics by adjusting the height of your handlebars to make them more comfortable for you.

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