How To Transfer Smart Money To Load Wallet

If you’re thinking of using Smart Money, there are a few simple steps that you can follow to get your account loaded with money. Register your Enegosyo Smart Money Number. You can find it in your Smart Menu. To proceed with the transfer, simply follow the steps below. You will then be required to enter your six-digit W-PIN and confirm the details. After that, you will be able to confirm or deny the transfer.

After you have registered, you can visit any Smart Wireless location near you to apply for a Smart Money Card. Next, select a Prepaid Pinoy Sim from Sun Cellular, Touch Mobile, Globe or Globe. Once you’ve done this, you can link your Smart Money SIM with your Prepaid Pinoy smartmoney number. You can also link your Smart Money Cash Load Slip with your Prepaid Pinoy smartmoney number. To avoid any unnecessary charges, confirm your account details with Mega Cellular Network Inc.

After setting up your prepaid load, you can sell it to another GCash user. Select the Cash In option and enter the amount that you wish to sell. Wait for the notification to arrive. Within minutes, your GCash account will be credited the money. Just make sure to note that you can sell your load for a price that is lower than the amount you would pay for it on the GCash app. It’s that easy!

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