How To Unlock Samsung T528g With Z3x Box

You will need to connect your Samsung T528G to your computer via USB to unlock it using the Z3Xbox. Download Samsung Tool Pro from Samsung’s website. Next, extract the Samsung USB Unlock Drivers folder and drag it onto your desktop. To install the drivers, open the Samsung folder by pressing “Windows” + “R” simultaneously.

To get started, you must know your Samsung T528G’s 15-digit IMEI number. This number can be entered on the website to receive an unlock code as soon the phone network allows. To unlock the device, you can enter the code into it. You must unlock the phone before you can use another SIM network. For instructions on how to unlock Samsung T528G, read the instructions carefully and make sure that you have a working USB cable.

Once you have your 8-digit code, you will need to insert the sim card from another network. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see the “normal service” screen. Type in “*0141” to see your personalized screen. Enter “00000000” (eight zeros) into the text field. The phone will show the current network provider on the screen.

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