How To Upgrade To 4g On Glo

Want to know how to get 4G on Glo? This feature is available in several ways. First, you must make sure that your device is compatible with the GLO LTE network. Send the text message “4G”, to 400, to check if your device works with GLO LTE. You will then receive a reply stating the compatibility status. You can also ask any Glo experience center to swap your SIM for a 4G-enabled one.

To make this process faster, you must first replace your SIM pack. Call Glo customer service at 121 or *777 to replace your SIM card. Make sure you wear a mask during your visit. This will prevent your hands from getting stained by blood or other toxic substances. You should be able swap your SIM with other subscribers. Once you have completed this procedure, you can share your newly acquired 10GB of data with your friends.

After upgrading your SIM, you can enjoy lightning-fast browsing, downloading and uploading. You can download movies and other files from your smartphone if your phone has 4G connectivity. Then, you can browse the web and upload content at a speed of 200Mbps. You can also download music and videos using 4G. The 4G network will also help you watch videos and download photos.

Alternatively, you can also upgrade to 4G by simply switching to a 4G SIM. You can use a 3G SIM as your mobile phone. Once you’ve done so, you can use the SIM for 4G. For those who don’t want to be restricted to the 3G network, 4G is available. However, if you have a 4G-compatible phone, you must also upgrade your SIM before you can use it.

Once you’re on the 4G LTE network, you’ll be able to use your 4G mobile phone to browse the internet faster than ever. Glo offers a 4G data plan to access 4G-LTE. To subscribe, simply dial *777#. Then, you can enjoy 4G in areas such as Lagos, Ogun Redeemed Camp, Bonny Island, Nafcon, and Eleme Junction.

You can also try the MTN 4G network if you are still not convinced. While MTN’s 4G network is not as pocket-friendly as Glo’s, it’s a viable alternative if you need to access 4G services. You can upgrade your SIM for N100 to N50,000 if you want to. If you’re unsure of whether your device supports 4G, you can check with the company’s website for more information.

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