How to use a trimmer

How to use a trimmer

Use the grass trimmer safely and effectively How to never trim wet grass.Start the device on the part of the lawn that has already been mowed.Hold the grass trimmer with both hands.Slowly swing from left to right and vice versa.More entries…

How to use a beard trimmer?

How exactly does a beard trimmer work? Every beard trimmer has a shaving head that trims the beard hair – this shaving head consists of two scissors lying on top of each other. In addition, the attachment ensures that the cutting length is maintained and the individual whiskers are guided better to the shaving head.

What do you do with a trimmer?

As their name suggests, grass trimmers are primarily concerned with trimming lawns. They are professionals at trimming lawn edges and mowing small areas of grass and inaccessible places. You can use a grass trimmer to work around wells, walls or beds without damaging the objects.

What is a long hair trimmer?

Hair trimmers are so-called electric hair razors, which you can use not only to care for your beard, but also for the hair on your head. Many use these hair trimmers not only for short hair, but long hair trimmers are also becoming increasingly popular.

Can you cut hair with a beard trimmer?

It is possible to cut the hair on the head with the beard trimmer, but the trimmer should create at least 10,000 oscillations/minute to cut the fine hair on the head.

How to trim the beard?

If you want to trim your beard properly, you also need to shave the contours of your neck. To do this, first draw an imaginary line that runs from your ears to your Adam’s apple. In the next step, you shave away all the beard hairs below this line – the perfect beard contour is ready!

When should you trim your beard?

While a three-day beard is best trimmed into shape every three days, a full beard only requires professional grooming once a week. After washing and combing, it is best to roughly shape the beard with scissors.

How many mm to trim beard?

Trim your three-day beard regularly. It has to be trimmed more often than a full beard, otherwise it can quickly look unkempt. Adjust your beard trimmer to a length of up to five millimeters. From 0.4 millimeters one usually speaks of a three-day beard.

When to trim your beard for the first time

As a prospective full beard wearer, you can think about trimming for the first time after about four weeks. As already described above, the full beard fluff would then have to measure 1.2 centimeters. After the 4-week stage you can see what the structure of your beard is like.

How long not shave beard?

So you have to wait about 125 days for your beard to grow 5 centimeters. In a year your beard grows about 15 centimeters. If you haven’t worn a beard before, you’ll need to be a little more patient.

How do I get a well-groomed beard?

If you grow a beard, remember: it needs just as much maintenance as the hair on your head. Wash your beard regularly. Exfoliate every now and then and moisturize your face daily – either with a beard oil or a moisturizing fluid. Remove ingrown beard hairs.

Does the beard get thicker if you let it grow?

As the saying goes, the more often you shave, the denser and thicker your beard grows. If you shave more often, it will do absolutely nothing for you to have a beard because, contrary to popular belief, hair does not grow back faster or thicker. There won’t be any more hair either.

Does the fluff become a beard?

First, a soft fluff forms on the upper lip, which gradually turns into harder stubble. Gradually, the hair thickens around the chin and neck and finally spreads to the cheeks. Only then – and it can take a few years until then – do young people have a beard by definition.

What to do if the beard is not growing properly?

In summary, it can be said that those who pay attention to a healthy diet and care for their beard can promote beard growth. Dietary supplements or natural beard growth products containing biotin and L-cysteine ​​can also help to support and build up slow or absent beard growth.

Why doesn’t the beard grow?

It is often already noticeable during puberty that the beard is not really growing. Other reasons for irregular beard growth can be vitamin and nutrient or testosterone deficiencies. It is completely normal for the level of this hormone to drop due to age and for the hair roots to become weaker.

Is it possible to promote beard growth?

There is no miracle cure for more beard growth, but you can positively influence your beard growth by ensuring a high level of blood circulation in your facial skin. Because with strong blood circulation, hair growth is also stimulated. One possibility for this is, for example, a relaxing facial massage.

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