How To Use A Trombone Cleaning Rod

How to Use a Trombone Cleaning Rod

When you want to clean your trombone properly, you should follow a few easy steps. First, rinse the instrument with warm water, making sure not to use hot water as this can damage the lacquer. After cleaning, blot the instrument dry with a soft cloth. Once it’s completely dry, apply oil to the rotary valve, playing slide, and bell section.

Another way to clean the instrument is to use a piece of cheesecloth to wipe the outside of the trombone. This helps remove dirt from valve casings and slides. You can also purchase a roll of cheesecloth to save time and money. If you don’t have any cheesecloth, you can buy a box of continuous cheesecloth and save yourself from the frustration.

After removing any grease, use a slide lubricant. This spreads easily across the slide and makes cleaning easier. Start with the bell section and move around until the instrument is completely clean. You can also use a cleaning snake to remove excess grease from outer slides. This step is a necessary part of maintaining your trombone.

Once you’ve found the right cleaning solution, you need to use it properly to protect the instrument from damage. Use lukewarm water when cleaning, not hot water, as it can damage the finish. If you’re not sure how to use a cleaning rod, you can watch how to use one on YouTube.

Once you’ve soaked the cloth in Brasso, insert it into the slide tube. Be sure to hold the slide tightly while doing so, as it may slip out and cause damage. Then pump the rod into the slide tube five to six times. This process is repeated for each rail. The more times you pump the rod, the better the cleaning. Be sure to use a thicker cloth to clean the bore, as loose cloth can cause irregularities in the tube.

When cleaning the slide, you should also apply a lubricant, such as cream-type products. Petroleum-based oils are often included with student trombones, but they don’t provide sufficient coverage or evaporate too quickly to serve as an effective trombone slide lubricant. Proper cleaning and lubrication prevents damage and lost playing time. The best trombone slide lubricant is a cream-type product.

Another important part of cleaning the trombone slide is to clean the outer slide tubes. You can use the cleaning rod for this purpose. You can also use it to clean the inner slide. After cleaning the outer slide, you can use a soft cotton cloth or the Trombotine to clean the inner slide. You must take your time to complete the cleaning process.

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