How To Use Economy 7 Water Heating Control

How to Use Economy 7 Water Heating Control

The Economy 7 is an electro-mechanical water heating control. You can use it to set the temperature of your water to take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity rates. It comes with a surface-mounting box for easy installation over a single gang flush wall box. Ensure that there are no bare metal surfaces or unearthed wires on the wall. It is also equipped with a means of disconnection.

Economy 7 is compatible with dual and single element immersion heaters. It features an integrated timeswitch, boost control, and a 150-hour battery reserve. The unit is compatible with Economy 7 tariffs. You can choose which timer you want to use. When you’re ready to use it, push the red segments on the timer face. The LED indicator will indicate whether it’s working.

A storage heater can be the most efficient for saving energy. It works best with an Economy 7 or Economy 10 meter, as it uses the cheapest electricity at night. Since this type of heating uses most power to heat bricks, it’s important to keep it on Economy 7 during the night. This period is usually seven hours between 11pm and 8am, but may vary depending on the energy supplier.

The Economy 7 Quartz is a well-known unit that is easy to install. It also features a manual boost timer, which allows you to enjoy extra hot water during the day. It also makes it easy to save electricity with its off-peak electricity rates. And its one-hour boost timer means that you can get an extra tankful of hot water in the morning and evening without having to worry about running out of hot water.

While you’re using Economy 7 to control your energy costs, it is still a good idea to check the meter on a regular basis. Check your meter for drift, and then schedule your high-energy activities so that they coincide with the lowest period of the day. In fact, it’s worth investing in Economy 7 even if you’re not using electric cooking.

You can also use the automatic boosting option if you’re on an economy tariff. This feature enables your economy heating system to use surplus electricity. This feature is compatible with both top and bottom immersion heaters. The top one can boost energy using off-peak electricity, while the bottom can be heated using only off-peak electricity.

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