How To Use Fire Of Love Oil

The purpose of Twichery’s authentic traditional Fire of Love Oil is to increase and enhance the bond of affection between lovers. It does this by channeling the energy of outside forces to increase sexual intensity between lovers. The results are a stronger bond and heightened commitment between lovers. Twichery’s Fire of Love Oil can help you find a new love or a way to improve your relationship.

There are thousands of hoodoo spells that use different oils to achieve different effects. The Fire of Love oil is not an exception. It has been used traditionally for ritual magic, anointing and aromatherapy, as well as spell crafting. Using it in love spells will help you ignite the flame in your lover’s heart. If you want to give your lover sexual satisfaction, you can add a drop or two to a red candle and light it in front of him or her every day.

Lucky Mojo’s Fire of Love dressable oil contains the same herbs and fragrances used in its famous Fire of Love Vigil Candle. It is used for anointing oneself, fixing the home, feeding a mojo bag, and more. Lucky Mojo also sells a Fire of Love bath crystal and anointing oil. Incense and the fire of love dressing oil are great ways to achieve the erotic desires you desire.

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