How To Use Free Internet In Ncell 2018

How to Use Free Internet in Ncell 2018

In Ncell 2018, there are some exciting new offers that students can take advantage of. Students who have appeared in SEE examinations can now get an Ncell SIM card for free. This special deal comes with unlimited data volume and 3 hours of free streaming on iflix. You can learn more about the perks of this special SIM by dialing *17103#.

Ncell is investing millions of dollars a year in its base stations. However, their unlimited data pack has a cap. Customers who exceed the limit will see their data slow down. To make the most out of this offer, you should get an unlimited data package from Ncell.

Another great way to use Ncell is to sign up for the company’s 3G service. This service allows you to download movies, surf the internet, and make video calls. Ncell is a telecommunications company in Nepal. It was founded in 2004 and is the second largest telecommunication company in the country. The company is known for delivering exceptional service and reliability to their customers.

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