How To Use Guerisson 9 Complex Essence

How to Use Guerisson 9 Complex Essence

Guerisson 9 Complex essence is a hydrating elixir that instantly rejuvenates tired skin and forms a protective barrier against environmental aggressors. It is free of preservatives and steroids, and is quickly absorbed by the skin. Its soothing botanical ingredients stimulate cell turnover and improve the overall condition of the skin. It also prepares the skin for makeup application.

The cream comes in a sleek, gold-toned, cylindrical outer packaging. Hermes-inspired, the packaging features an ornate gold-toned lid with the signature Guerisson 9 horse head. The cream itself is light butter yellow in color, with a firm but yielding texture and a delicate scent of citrus.

The Guerisson 9 Complex serum is slightly viscous and promotes firmer, smoother skin. The ingredient galactomyces ferment filtrate helps fill out loose skin and improve skin resilience and moisture. It also turns rough, dry skin into soft and supple skin. The formula also includes horse oil, which moisturizes and soothes the skin.

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