How To Use Night Express Data During The Day

You can save money on your MTN Night Express plan by using it during the day. Most people don’t use their night data at this time, and it’s difficult to stay awake from 00:00:01 am to 04:59:59 am. MTN has found a way to use Night Express data throughout the day without any major price changes.

You’ll be able download movies from your Night Express data during the day if you have been using it in the middle of the night. Even though you won’t get as many Night Express data during the day, you can still use it during the day. It’s ideal for downloading movies, watching videos, or doing heavy downloads. MTN’s Night Express bundle gives unlimited data whether you need it or just want to surf the internet more.

Night Express data timeframes have been cut, unlike other data plans. The new plan gives you a full six hours of data after you’ve exhausted your day bonus. Your browsing speed will drop to 128kbps after that. This is still a lot of data. This plan is great for students and those who don’t want to use data during the workday.

The trick to use night express data during the day is quite simple. To access your midnight data, dial the MTN shortcode *138#. You will be able see your SMS, account balance, and how much Bundle you have remaining by dialing the MTN short code *138#. Remember that you can only use night express data once per device. Always read the manual before using it.

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