How To Win Candy Crush Level 417

Tricks on How to Win Candy Crush Level 417

Candy Crush level 417 is difficult but you can do it by using a few tricks. This level can be made easier by using boosters, extra moves and special candies. Depending on where you are on the board, some of these tricks may not be applicable to you.

You can strike across a horizontal strip of candy to make a passage for the ingredients on the right side of the cup cakes. You can also strike across a vertical strip to make a passage for the ingredients in a cupcake. This will allow you to pass all the ingredients without encountering any obstacles.

To break the blockers, you can use wrapped or striped candy when moving on to the next level. To break the blockers on either the right or left side of the board, make sure to use striped or wrapped candy. Special candies can also be used to move ingredients to the bottom of the board.

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