How To Win Candy Crush Level 621

How to Win Candy Crush Level 621

Candy Crush level 621 is a tricky level in Candy Crush Saga, and you will need to crush at least 18 jelly squares in ten moves to complete it. This level features three candy colors and 54 different symbols, and the goal is to crush as many jelly squares as possible. You have a few options to beat this level. Some tips work better than others.

The first step is to break as many ice cube blockers as you can, and then make special candies by combining them. You can also give your sprinkleshell cyan-colored candies. This will break the ice cube blocks near the bears. However, you may run out of moves before clearing the level.

You can also use boosters to your advantage. These boosters will allow you to play more moves on each level. These boosters will also grant you additional moves that can be very helpful on this level. Boosters can give you five extra moves, which is a big help in Candy Crush Saga. If you want to increase your score, you can use them at level 621. You can also use them to switch adjacent Candies.

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