How To Write 30 Dollars In Words

How to Write 30 Dollars in Words

When writing a money check, you may find it difficult to write a dollar amount. You should try to use the spelled form of a number to decrease the possibility of a typo. It will be more difficult for someone to change the amount if you write it in words.

There are two ways to put 30 dollars on a check. The first is to follow the format of the check. In US English, you write the number 30 twice, with the word written below the numeral. It is important to note that the word you use to write thirty may not be the same. The dollar amount may not contain the word “dollar”.

Correct grammar is the second option. In this way, the number will be written correctly. The illustration below shows Zoe Allen, The Dale Company, receiving a $30 check. It is signed by Zoe Allen. The next way is to use correct grammar and replace the 00/100 number with cents. The check was signed by Zoe Allen in the illustration. However, it is important to note that you should always spell out the number before writing the check.

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