How to write a comment in English How to write a comment in English

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How do I write a comment in English?

In a comment you express your own opinion and justify your assessments. So you should make your own point of view clear and strengthen it with arguments. You can also bring in arguments that speak against your thesis.

This article explains with examples how to write a “Comment” in English….

  • In my opinion …
  • I am of the opinion that …
  • As far as I know …
  • In my experience …
  • My personal view is that …
  • From my point of view …
  • I think / believe / suppose …

You express your own opinion, weigh the pros and cons, and at the end you share your well-founded view. You need an introduction, a main part in which you argue (the hourglass principle is recommended, which is explained in more detail below) and a conclusion – everything goes without saying.

Write a Comment: Introduction The introductory paragraph of the Comment has the task to introduce the topic and to arouse the reader’s attention and interest.

The comment must be as convincing as possible and its content must be solid. The readers of the comment should be convinced of the opinion. This is the job of the Comment. Having a headline is very important in keeping readers curious.

What goes into the introduction of an essay?

The introduction of an essay should also give a detailed introduction to the topic to be treated. State your own point of view in the introduction. Be subjective – after all, this is your essay, and your point of view. Name the main arguments that you will explain later in the main part.

What’s the best way to start an essay?

The introduction of an essay – introduce the question

  1. The first sentence should encourage you to continue reading.
  2. Then explain what question you are addressing in the text.
  3. Explain why it is important to discuss the topic.
  4. Briefly show which points of contention and opinion on the topic prevail.

How do I start an essay?

An essay consists of an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. However, you don’t make them recognizable with headings, but with paragraphs. You also leave out subheadings. It is important that your content has a clear sequence, so that you do not lose the “central theme” while writing.

What must be included in an essay?

An essay is a short treatise on a literary or scientific question. Instead of formal requirements, an essay is primarily about reflecting on the chosen topic, working out your own theses and perspectives and taking a stand.

What are essay questions?

Essay questions require participants to type an answer in a text box. In this case, you will need to manually grade the questions. Go to a test, survey, or pool.

What is the goal of an essay?

The aim of the essay is to present good arguments or answers for a previously formulated thesis or question. It is necessary to evaluate a few selected sources in advance and, if necessary, to incorporate their core theses into the essay.

How do you write an essay at university?

The essay should therefore be written as a continuous text – with paragraphs of course. The essay usually contains a short introduction, a thesis and its discussion and a conclusion. However, there is no magic bullet when it comes to structuring an essay. Above all, the essay should be coherent in itself.

Do essays have a table of contents?

The essay does not require a table of contents or an explicit structure. The reader should be guided through the text using subheadings.

How do I write an essay for university?

In the short introduction you explain the topic, the question and the relevance of the discussion that you want to have in the following. Main part: In the main part, you present facts and examples very briefly, discuss your sources and formulate your own opinion. A structured argumentation is important here.

What does not belong in an essay?

As a rule of thumb, your own and other text or thoughts must always be clearly distinguishable. Footnotes should be avoided. Statements, explanations or details that cannot be integrated into the essay are usually not necessary for the line of argument and can therefore be dispensed with.

How long does it take to write an essay?

It should be easy in four weeks, especially if you have all the free time … I’ve already delivered 20 pages in less than two weeks and got my 1.7.

Is an essay a term paper?

A question should be discussed in a concise but precise text. In contrast to a term paper, however, there is no systematic, comprehensive treatment of the topic, but rather a rather “relaxed”, but nevertheless critical reflection.

Does an essay have page numbers?

– insert page numbers (usually bottom right); the title page is considered the first page of your work, but the page number does not appear on the title page. Formulate your text in short, concise sentences. Do not use any abbreviations (exceptions: “dh” and “eg”).

What is a Scientific Essay?

An essay is a scientific essay that deals in a concise, argumentative way with a question or controversial thesis. The purpose of an essay is the critical discussion of competing points of view on a particular topic in a flowing, poorly formalized text.

What do you have to write on a cover sheet?

Checklist: cover sheet for housework

  • Type of work (e.g.
  • Title and possibly
  • Submission date of the term paper.
  • Name and possibly
  • Name of the course, the faculty and the semester.
  • Name of the course or seminar.
  • Name of your responsible teacher.
  • Your name, your address as well as your e-mail address and telephone number.

What should be on a front page?

The title page usually includes the title of the print, as well as the edition number or date of publication and the price in the respective sales area, as well as an element that describes the type of print. This information is contained in the so-called title or newspaper header.

What does a cover page look like for a term paper?

In general, however, it is customary to divide the cover sheet into three sections, with information on the university, event and semester in the upper third, the title of the seminar paper or term paper in the middle third and information about the author in the lower third.

How can you make a beautiful cover sheet?

Create your own cover page in Word Open the Word document you want and switch to the “Insert” tab at the top. Select the “Cover Sheet” category at the top left and choose a variant you want. You now have the option of adding your own name, text and other details.

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