How to write a complaint against doctor?

How to write a complaint against doctor?

The complaint must be made in writing. It should contain the following information: your full name and address. the full name and address of the doctor concerned.

Where can I complain about a doctor?

There are various points of contact you can turn to if you suspect medical treatment errors: Doctor. Patient Advocates. Ombudsman offices of the medical associations. Ombudsman offices for social security and the Chamber of Labour. self-help groups and organizations.

Where can I complain about a hospital?

Whom can I contact? Take heart and contact the affected hospital directly. There is usually a complaints management system or a patient advocate who will support you in your concerns. Patient spokespersons are volunteers and, above all, independent of the hospital!

How can I report a doctor?

Doctors’ obligation to provide information However, if the patient agrees to the treatment, the doctor remains unpunished. For such consent, however, the patient must be informed and enlightened in detail. If a doctor does not fulfill his duty to provide information, he is liable to prosecution.

What to do if the doctor treated you wrong?

The determination of a treatment error is usually only possible with an expert opinion. People with statutory health insurance should contact their health insurance company, the Medical Service of Health Insurance (MDK) will provide free reports.

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