How to write a motivation letter

How to write a motivation letter

Formally, the letter of motivation, like the cover letter in the application, contains a letterhead (name, address, e-mail and telephone number), date (right-aligned), headline, introduction, body, conclusion, salutation and signature. However, you can do without the recipient address in the letter of motivation.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Germany?

The costs range between €6,000 and €11,500 per semester. All information about the costs and the requirements at the private university can be found in the article: Study medicine at the private university.

What does it take to become a doctor?

In order to become a doctor, you must first complete a medical degree. This lasts 12 semesters and is divided into several phases: the preclinical phase, the clinical phase and the practical year. You complete your studies with the 2nd state examination and then receive your license to practice medicine.

How many years do you have to study medicine?

Depending on the university, medical studies last between 12 and 13 semesters. The course of study is divided into pre-clinical and clinical studies. You will also complete a three-month mandatory internship, the so-called clerkship, in a nursing facility.

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